I'm Kirsi Laine, a 54-year-old clairvoyant healer from Finland. I've had the gift of healing since birth and I want to use it for the highest good. Even as a child I was very conscious, and I saw all the beauty, believed in sincere goodness and I knew that my hands were different than those of the other children. Now as an adult I can see the beauty of the world more profoundly and I see an awareness, not only in us humans but also in trees, rocks, the sea and the sky. I can also see how the Earth is a living creature and maintains a constant connection to the other planets by its singing. I hear that song.

I am a mother of six children, one of whom was stillborn. I am a trained homeopath, reflexologist and dreamwalker.  I studied Finnish and Finno-Ugric languages at the university for 12 years, but I didn't finish the last part of my studies because I was already a mother of a large family. After my divorce, I decided to follow my mission in life and became a professional healer.

If you want, I can heal you with distance healing. The distance way does not matter, the longest distance between me and the patient has been from Finland to California. Wherever you are in the world, I will meet you during the treatment and feel your energy. You can feel my work physically: for example, if I fix your spine, you can feel it physically, or you can just feel my presence in some other way, depending on your sensitivity. Even if you do not feel anything during treatment it will still work as it is meant to.

You can contact me in English at One treatment by distance healing costs 40 euros. Once agreed to the time of the treatment, I will give you my bank account information so that you can pay the 40 euros before the treatment or, in urgent cases, after the treatment.

I will heal you at the agreed time and the treatment lasts between 30 minutes and an hour. I recommend that you rest while receiving a treatment, either in a comfortable chair or lying in bed. I will send you an email right after the treatment and tell you how it went. I will also ask you about the treatment and how you felt during it. Most of my clients fall into a deep sleep during the treatment, so use the alarm clock if you have something important to do after it.